About us

Symanex is an IT consulting agency with focus on DevOps, Cloud Computing and Continuous Delivery. Using these principles we help our customers to reach a faster time to market as well as an advantage in cost leadership and a better organization.

Who are our clients

Our clients are companies like American Express, where we have played a key role in launching their new loyality program Plenti, Onefootball which we have helped to scale up their mobile app to 10,000,000 users by moving their mobile backend to the cloud, or Instana, for which we have build the automated platform they run their product on – and many more.

We can help you with DevOps

Symanex has a deep understanding of the entire Software Development Lifecycle as well as the IT Operations organization and the interfaces between both. We know how to integrate development and engineering to create a feedback loop without blurring borders of responsibility. The result is a better integration through communication, automation, mutual feedback and collaboration – which leads to a shorter time to market. This directly translates into competitive advantage through faster innovation speed.

We can help you building your Platform

Symanex has a strong background in Linux and Unix based systems and technologies supporting high load (webscale) application scenarios. We can architect complex and loosely coupled stacks from a systems as well as a software perspective by utilizing various state of the art technologies, like containers. The result is a fault tolerant and cost efficient IT infrastructure which translates into reduced business risk and also keeps you ahead in the game of cost leadership.