DevOps Consulting

The three cornerstones of faster time to market

Whenever you are a large enterprise or an innovative start-up, time to market becomes more and more critical in regard to the ever increasing pace of innovation. By embraching a DevOps Culture, using Cloud Computing and building Continuous Delivery into your software delivery process, we can help you to — often dramatically — shorten your time to market while you can stay focused on innovation. Learn about some of the core priciples and techniques that we use to help our customers to win the race by getting new ideas out faster, with less problems and at reduced costs.

Our approach — integration over invention

We always focus on building an integrated tool chain that will seamlessly integrate into your existing technology environment and business organization. Many of the tools and workflows you might already be using can be extended and adopted to work across team or department boundaries. In this regard we also try to limit the amount of different tools used in your organization and to facilitate the use of and collaboration with a common set of tools across your different teams and departments. The solutions we build integrate into your existing technology stack and process landscape. Our role is that of a facilitator: While we focus on building value for you, we are also keen to transfer the required knowledge to your organization.

Some of the exciting companies we've been able to help include