Adopting DevOps principles can help your organisation to dramatically decrease your time to market.

DevOps Foundation Training

Our 16 hour classroom or on-site training course provides an introduction to DevOps as a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals.

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Embrace DevOps, or get left behind

The 2015 State of DevOps Report from Puppet Labs has revealed that high-performing IT organizations deploy 30x more frequently with 200x shorter lead times; they have 60x fewer failures and recover 168x faster.

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Shorten your time to market

  • DevOps Culture

    DevOps Culture stresses communication, collaboration and embraces a high trust culture among software developers and IT operations professionals.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous network access to a shared pool of automatically configurable computing resources.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Delivery is an approach to keep teams producing software in short cycles and ensure that it can be reliably released at any time.

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